Alternative History

1828: On a walk through the fields of Africa, Shaka Zulu is ambushed by his brothers, Dingane and Mhlangana, intent on stabbing him. Shaka, having a spear handy, kills both of his brothers who intended on ascending his throne

1830: On his 41st birthday, Shaka stated, "The people of Africa should not be ruled by the people of Europe, and if the people are too weak to free themselves, then I will do it for them." A day later he invaded Transvaal, starting the year-long conflict with the British, known as the Transvaal Crisis.

1831: Transvaal remains an independent nation for 2 months before volunteering to be annexed by the Zulu Kingdom.

1878: British agents send an ultimatum to Shaka, now 89 years old. He finds the terms unexceptional; the British invade. Shaka makes his final battle, despite his old age, He rides to the Tugela river to intercept the British. Although the British are brutally beaten, the Zulu Kingdom faces its greatest loss. There, King Shaka leads a perfect strategy that saves over 300,000 soldiers, but at the cost of his own life. Two hours later Shaka's daughter Nandi, named after Shaka's mother, is crowned Queen of the Zulu kingdom.

1879: The British suffer a crushing defeat from the hands of the Zulu and their new leader Nandi. The British defeat is so major that it forces them to withdrawal all their forces and surrender all their South African colonies to the Zulu.

1881: The Zulu Kingdom expands almost twice their original size after annexing neighboring territories owned by Germany and Portugal.

1885: After building one of the most powerful countries in the southern hemisphere, the Zulu take their expansion one step further by invading Madagascar on behalf of the locals and attempt to drive out French forces.

1886: At the start, the French have the balance of power slightly tipped toward them, but they have a clear lack of numbers, which the Zulu exploit.

1890: French forces are significantly reduced in numbers and are forced to withdraw. The Zulu annexation of Madagascar strikes great fear in European nations that have colonized Africa.

1897: After seven years of living in a massive African empire, the Zulu people begin to feel uncomfortable of the country lifting tariffs on European countries, as the citizens do not like trade with countries and "greater" trusts with European nations.

1899: Great stress among the Zulus comes with the death of their leader Nandi, and the heir to the throne being her oppressive cousin Bhetevenia. Revolution is just on the horizon.

1902: With separatism on the rise, the Zulu people revolt against their new leader.

1904: After two years of bloody fighting, the Zulu rebels successfully overthrow their government and establish the Zulu Republic, a new democratic government.

1914: The Great War begins with the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The newly emboldened Zulu Republic declares neutrality.

1915: Although the Zulus have declared neutrality, they are drawn in after a German invasion of South Africa. The Zulu Republic declares its allegiance to the Allies.

1916: After a year of fighting, the Zulus along with the help of other European countries defeat the Central Powers in their campaign of Africa.

1917: The Zulus have conquered all of South Africa and most of West Africa by this time.

1918: With the intervention of the U.S., the First World War ends with the Allied powers claiming victory.

1921: The Ethiopian crisis. A two week long war that results in the Zulus conquering the country of Ethiopia.

1925: All of East Africa, and South Africa are under Zulu control by this time.

1928: A major stock market crash begins the Great Depression. The world suffers from a global economic crisis that has never been seen before.